Redding Septic Service LLC "We Suck It Up..." Septic Tank Pumping Service Holding Tanks Pump Stations
Redding Septic Service LLC        "We Suck It Up..." Septic Tank Pumping ServiceHolding Tanks Pump Stations

* Business Hours *

Mon - Fri   8 am  -  5 pm

We are a family owned, septic tank pumping service

Located in Buxton, Maine

Since 2014


Our services are as follows:


  • Residential / Commercial Septic Tank Pumping
  • Tank Locating Services
  • Digging Of Covers (Not Available In Off-Season)
  • Septic Tank Baffles / Covers Replaced
  • Tank Riser Cover Installation
  • Holding Tanks Pumped
  • Pump Stations Serviced (Cleaned) 


We service Buxton & surrounding towns/cities

(call for specific service areas)


Get in touch with us today, to see how we can serve you.

"We suck it up...!"



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