Redding Septic Service LLC "We Suck It Up..." Septic Tank Pumping Service Holding Tanks
Redding Septic Service LLC        "We Suck It Up..." Septic Tank Pumping ServiceHolding Tanks  

* Business Hours *

Mon - Fri   8 am  -  5 pm

We are a family owned, septic tank pumping service

Located in Buxton, Maine

Since 2014


Our services are as follows:


  • Residential / Commercial Septic Tank Pumping
  • Digging Of Covers / Max Depth 12" (Not Available In Off-Season)
  • Septic Tank Baffles / Covers Replaced
  • Tank Riser Cover Installation
  • Holding Tanks Pumped


We service Buxton & surrounding towns/cities

(call for specific service areas)


Get in touch with us today, to see how we can serve you.

"We suck it up...!"



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